Remotely Update Servers on Another LAN With Ansible

Run an ansible playbook locally to execute a shell command on a remote controller host. The shell command will call another ansible playbook command on the remote to update the server nodes within the remote LAN. The local and remote playbooks follow.

Backup the Backups

I wrote this small script to do just that. I put this in cron to run daily after the backups and once a week I delete the old stuff.

Procedure for Upgrade From an Unsupported Release 19.04 -> 20.04+

Create a VM of the System for testing VBoxManage convertfromraw /dev/sda MyImage.vdi –format VDI Make a Backup Start Menu -> System Tools -> Timeshift Create Put Websites in Maintenance Mode Settings -> WP Maintenance Mode Status Activated -> Save Settings Remove all Kernels Except the Default One and Set Grub to Boot From It Start …

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Apt Playbook

I use ansible to keep all my computers consistent and install the same packages on all the systems. First I install my ssh key. Then I allow the sudo group to run sudo without supplying a password. Then I run the following ansible playbook (of course the ip address OR ‘HOSTS’ is assigned by DHCP):

Windows Search

I clicked on the “Start” button and the menu came up but when I started typing nothing happened. And when I selected “settings” from the menu I could not type any characters in the search box where it said “Find a setting”. Also, I could not type in the search box at the bottom that …

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Avahi mDNS issue

Two copies of the same share would show up when I browsed the network. I added the following: to I found this link that told me what to do:

Firefox and kernel updates

Ok so two things. Firefox ESR and mainline. If you are on an unsupported version of ubuntu, like my web server which hosts other peoples stuff, and cannot upgrade. You can keep the kernel up-to-date with mainline. It parses the ubuntu kernels from the from the Ubuntu archive and lets you select one and …

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I found a page that showed me how to update the /etc/apt/sources.list file to support ubuntu 19.04 – codename disco which is EOL.